Research about Recurrent Neural Networks Published in ArXiv

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Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are a class of neural networks that are naturally suited to processing time-series data and other sequential data. (DiPietro, et al., 2020). I have tried to collect and curate some publications form Arxiv that related to the recurrent neural networks, and the results were listed here. Please enjoy it!

Last updated: June 14, 2020
Source : ArXiv

No. Year Title URL
1 2020 Compressing Recurrent Neural Networks Using Hierarchical Tucker Tensor Decomposition View
2 2020 Sentiment Analysis Using Simplified Long Short-term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks View
3 2020 Multi-Decoder RNN Autoencoder Based on Variational Bayes Method View
4 2020 Stateful Premise Selection by Recurrent Neural Networks View
5 2020 PhICNet: Physics-Incorporated Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks for Modeling Dynamical Systems View
6 2020 Simulating Molecular Dynamics with Large Timesteps using Recurrent Neural Networks View
7 2020 Convex Sets of Robust Recurrent Neural Networks View
8 2020 Emotional Video to Audio Transformation Using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks and a Neuro-Fuzzy System View
9 2020 Modeling Dynamic Heterogeneous Network for Link Prediction using Hierarchical Attention with Temporal RNN View
10 2020 Interpretable Deep Recurrent Neural Networks via Unfolding Reweighted $\ell_1$-$\ell_1$ Minimization: Architecture Design and Generalization Analysis View
11 2020 RNN-based Online Learning: An Efficient First-Order Optimization Algorithm with a Convergence Guarantee View
12 2020 Restoration of Fragmentary Babylonian Texts Using Recurrent Neural Networks View
13 2020 Interleaved Sequence RNNs for Fraud Detection View
14 2020 Encoding-based Memory Modules for Recurrent Neural Networks View
15 2020 Medi-Care AI: Predicting Medications From Billing Codes via Robust Recurrent Neural Networks View
16 2020 Convolutional-Recurrent Neural Networks on Low-Power Wearable Platforms for Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection View
17 2020 Design of Capacity-Approaching Low-Density Parity-Check Codes using Recurrent Neural Networks View
18 2019 Explainability and Adversarial Robustness for RNNs View
19 2019 Predictive Precompute with Recurrent Neural Networks View
20 2019 Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs): A gentle Introduction and Overview View
21 2019 A binary-activation, multi-level weight RNN and training algorithm for processing-in-memory inference with eNVM View
22 2019 One-Shot Pruning of Recurrent Neural Networks by Jacobian Spectrum Evaluation View
23 2019 Topic-aware chatbot using Recurrent Neural Networks and Nonnegative Matrix Factorization View
24 2019 Eigenvalue Normalized Recurrent Neural Networks for Short Term Memory View
25 2019 Input-Output Equivalence of Unitary and Contractive RNNs View
26 2019 On Generalization Bounds of a Family of Recurrent Neural Networks View
27 2019 On Predictive Information Sub-optimality of RNNs View
28 2019 W-RNN: News text classification based on a Weighted RNN View
29 2019 Predicting Electricity Consumption using Deep Recurrent Neural Networks View
30 2019 A single-layer RNN can approximate stacked and bidirectional RNNs, and topologies in between View
31 2019 RNNs Evolving in Equilibrium: A Solution to the Vanishing and Exploding Gradients View
32 2019 Learning stochastic differential equations using RNN with log signature features View
33 2019 Sound source detection, localization and classification using consecutive ensemble of CRNN models View
34 2019 RNN-based Online Handwritten Character Recognition Using Accelerometer and Gyroscope Data View
35 2019 Deciphering Dynamical Nonlinearities in Short Time Series Using Recurrent Neural Networks View
36 2019 Fast ES-RNN: A GPU Implementation of the ES-RNN Algorithm View
37 2019 A Unified Framework of Online Learning Algorithms for Training Recurrent Neural Networks View
38 2019 Data-driven prediction of a multi-scale Lorenz 96 chaotic system using a hierarchy of deep learning methods: Reservoir computing, ANN, and RNN-LSTM View
39 2019 Run-Time Efficient RNN Compression for Inference on Edge Devices View
40 2019 Compressing RNNs for IoT devices by 15-38x using Kronecker Products View
41 2019 Non-normal Recurrent Neural Network (nnRNN): learning long time dependencies while improving expressivity with transient dynamics View
42 2019 Quantifying Long Range Dependence in Language and User Behavior to improve RNNs View
43 2019 Bidirectional RNN-based Few-shot Training for Detecting Multi-stage Attack View
44 2019 Human Activity Recognition Using LSTM-RNN Deep Neural Network Architecture View
45 2019 Recurrent Neural Networks in the Eye of Differential Equations View
46 2019 Contextual Hybrid Session-based News Recommendation with Recurrent Neural Networks View
47 2019 Stock Forecasting using M-Band Wavelet-Based SVR and RNN-LSTMs Models View
48 2019 DSTP-RNN: a dual-stage two-phase attention-based recurrent neural networks for long-term and multivariate time series prediction View
49 2019 Exploiting Event Log Data-Attributes in RNN Based Prediction View
50 2019 Weighted Automata Extraction from Recurrent Neural Networks via Regression on State Spaces View
51 2019 Recurrent Neural Networks For Accurate RSSI Indoor Localization View
52 2019 A Novel Independent RNN Approach to Classification of Seizures against Non-seizures View
53 2019 Understanding Feature Selection and Feature Memorization in Recurrent Neural Networks View
54 2019 Robust and Subject-Independent Driving Manoeuvre Anticipation through Domain-Adversarial Recurrent Neural Networks View
55 2019 Understanding and Controlling Memory in Recurrent Neural Networks View
56 2019 Learning to Adaptively Scale Recurrent Neural Networks View
57 2019 A Study on Graph-Structured Recurrent Neural Networks and Sparsification with Application to Epidemic Forecasting View
58 2019 State-Regularized Recurrent Neural Networks View
59 2019 How do Mixture Density RNNs Predict the Future? View
60 2019 Domain Adaptation for sEMG-based Gesture Recognition with Recurrent Neural Networks View
61 2019 Music Artist Classification with Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks View
62 2019 Recurrent Neural Networks for Time Series Forecasting View
63 2019 Multivariate Arrival Times with Recurrent Neural Networks for Personalized Demand Forecasting View
64 2019 Comparison between DeepESNs and gated RNNs on multivariate time-series prediction View
65 2019 Predicting Aircraft Trajectories: A Deep Generative Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks Approach View
66 2018 Multi-Step Prediction of Occupancy Grid Maps with Recurrent Neural Networks View
67 2018 Mixed Membership Recurrent Neural Networks View
68 2018 Fourier RNNs for Sequence Analysis and Prediction View
69 2018 Bayesian Sparsification of Gated Recurrent Neural Networks View
70 2018 Layer Flexible Adaptive Computational Time for Recurrent Neural Networks View
71 2018 Predicting Diabetes Disease Evolution Using Financial Records and Recurrent Neural Networks View
72 2018 On Training Recurrent Neural Networks for Lifelong Learning View
73 2018 Verification of Recurrent Neural Networks Through Rule Extraction View
74 2018 Complex Unitary Recurrent Neural Networks using Scaled Cayley Transform View
75 2018 Bidirectional Quaternion Long-Short Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks for Speech Recognition View
76 2018 Unifying Isolated and Overlapping Audio Event Detection with Multi-Label Multi-Task Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks View
77 2018 Learning to Embed Probabilistic Structures Between Deterministic Chaos and Random Process in a Variational Bayes Predictive-Coding RNN View
78 2018 Counting in Language with RNNs View
79 2018 Shorten Spatial-spectral RNN with Parallel-GRU for Hyperspectral Image Classification View
80 2018 Sleep Arousal Detection from Polysomnography using the Scattering Transform and Recurrent Neural Networks View
81 2018 Physics Guided Recurrent Neural Networks For Modeling Dynamical Systems: Application to Monitoring Water Temperature And Quality In Lakes View
82 2018 Recurrent Neural Networks based Obesity Status Prediction Using Activity Data View
83 2018 Classifying Process Instances Using Recurrent Neural Networks View
84 2018 Fundamentals of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Network View
85 2018 Interpreting RNN behaviour via excitable network attractors View
86 2018 Recurrent Neural Networks for Long and Short-Term Sequential Recommendation View
87 2018 Predicting purchasing intent: Automatic Feature Learning using Recurrent Neural Networks View
88 2018 Improving on Q & A Recurrent Neural Networks Using Noun-Tagging View
89 2018 Recurrent Neural Networks with Flexible Gates using Kernel Activation Functions View
90 2018 Modeling and Soft-fault Diagnosis of Underwater Thrusters with Recurrent Neural Networks View
91 2018 Transfer Learning for Clinical Time Series Analysis using Recurrent Neural Networks View
92 2018 Connecting Weighted Automata and Recurrent Neural Networks through Spectral Learning View
93 2018 Weakly Supervised Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Basic Dance Step Generation View
94 2018 Gated Complex Recurrent Neural Networks View
95 2018 Dynamical Isometry and a Mean Field Theory of RNNs: Gating Enables Signal Propagation in Recurrent Neural Networks View
96 2018 Extracting Parallel Sentences with Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Networks to Improve Machine Translation View
97 2018 Focused Hierarchical RNNs for Conditional Sequence Processing View
98 2018 Quaternion Recurrent Neural Networks View
99 2018 Mixed Effect Composite RNN-GP: A Personalized and Reliable Prediction Model for Healthcare View
100 2018 On the Practical Computational Power of Finite Precision RNNs for Language Recognition View
101 2018 Low-pass Recurrent Neural Networks - A memory architecture for longer-term correlation discovery View
102 2018 RNN-based counterfactual time-series prediction View
103 2018 End-to-End Polyphonic Sound Event Detection Using Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks with Learned Time-Frequency Representation Input View
104 2018 Statistical Analysis on E-Commerce Reviews, with Sentiment Classification using Bidirectional Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) View
105 2018 Human Activity Recognition using Recurrent Neural Networks View
106 2018 PredRNN++: Towards A Resolution of the Deep-in-Time Dilemma in Spatiotemporal Predictive Learning View
107 2018 Online Fall Detection using Recurrent Neural Networks View
108 2018 Modeling Popularity in Asynchronous Social Media Streams with Recurrent Neural Networks View
109 2018 Efficient Recurrent Neural Networks using Structured Matrices in FPGAs View
110 2018 Bayesian Recurrent Neural Networks View
111 2018 Exploring the predictability of range-based volatility estimators using RNNs View
112 2018 Training Recurrent Neural Networks as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem View
113 2018 The emergent algebraic structure of RNNs and embeddings in NLP View
114 2018 Learning Longer-term Dependencies in RNNs with Auxiliary Losses View
115 2018 High Order Recurrent Neural Networks for Acoustic Modelling View
116 2018 Improved TDNNs using Deep Kernels and Frequency Dependent Grid-RNNs View
117 2018 Trace norm regularization and faster inference for embedded speech recognition RNNs View
118 2018 Short-term Memory of Deep RNN View
119 2018 Alternating Multi-bit Quantization for Recurrent Neural Networks View
120 2018 One-class Collective Anomaly Detection based on Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Networks View
121 2018 Long-term Blood Pressure Prediction with Deep Recurrent Neural Networks View
122 2018 Character-level Recurrent Neural Networks in Practice: Comparing Training and Sampling Schemes View
123 2017 Learning Compact Recurrent Neural Networks with Block-Term Tensor Decomposition View
124 2017 Folded Recurrent Neural Networks for Future Video Prediction View
125 2017 MinimalRNN: Toward More Interpretable and Trainable Recurrent Neural Networks View
126 2017 Attention-based Information Fusion using Multi-Encoder-Decoder Recurrent Neural Networks View
127 2017 Block-Sparse Recurrent Neural Networks View