Research about Extractive Summarization Published in ArXiv

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The main objective of extractive summarization can be concisely formulated as extracting text inputs containing information on the most important concepts described in the input text or texts. (Filatova et. al., 2004). I have tried to collect and curate some publications form Arxiv that related to the abstractive summarization, and the results were listed here. Please enjoy it!

Last updated: May 31, 2020
Source : ArXiv

No. Year Title URL
1 2020 Extractive Summarization as Text Matching View
2 2019 Unity in Diversity: Learning Distributed Heterogeneous Sentence Representation for Extractive Summarization View
3 2019 Hybrid MemNet for Extractive Summarization View
4 2019 Towards Supervised Extractive Text Summarization via RNN-based Sequence Classification View
5 2019 Discourse-Aware Neural Extractive Model for Text Summarization View
6 2019 Extractive Summarization of Long Documents by Combining Global and Local Context View
7 2019 On Extractive and Abstractive Neural Document Summarization with Transformer Language Models View
8 2019 Features in Extractive Supervised Single-document Summarization: Case of Persian News View
9 2019 Exploring Domain Shift in Extractive Text Summarization View
10 2019 Facet-Aware Evaluation for Extractive Text Summarization View
11 2019 STRASS: A Light and Effective Method for Extractive Summarization Based on Sentence Embeddings View
12 2019 Guiding Extractive Summarization with Question-Answering Rewards View
13 2019 Fine-tune BERT for Extractive Summarization View
14 2019 Neural Extractive Text Summarization with Syntactic Compression View
15 2018 Unsupervised Pseudo-Labeling for Extractive Summarization on Electronic Health Records View
16 2018 DeepChannel: Salience Estimation by Contrastive Learning for Extractive Document Summarization View
17 2018 Extractive Summarization of EHR Discharge Notes View
18 2018 BanditSum: Extractive Summarization as a Contextual Bandit View
19 2018 Neural Latent Extractive Document Summarization View
20 2018 Abstractive Summarization Improved by WordNet-based Extractive Sentences View
21 2018 Abstractive and Extractive Text Summarization using Document Context Vector and Recurrent Neural Networks View
22 2018 Toward Extractive Summarization of Online Forum Discussions via Hierarchical Attention Networks View
23 2018 Reinforced Extractive Summarization with Question-Focused Rewards View
24 2018 A Hierarchical Structured Self-Attentive Model for Extractive Document Summarization (HSSAS) View
25 2018 A Unified Model for Extractive and Abstractive Summarization using Inconsistency Loss View
26 2018 Extractive Text Summarization using Neural Networks View
27 2018 Ranking Sentences for Extractive Summarization with Reinforcement Learning View
28 2017 Extractive Multi-document Summarization Using Multilayer Networks View
29 2017 Extractive Summarization using Deep Learning View
30 2017 Extractive Multi Document Summarization using Dynamical Measurements of Complex Networks View
31 2017 Extractive Summarization: Limits, Compression, Generalized Model and Heuristics View
32 2017 Neural Extractive Summarization with Side Information View
33 2016 SummaRuNNer: A Recurrent Neural Network based Sequence Model for Extractive Summarization of Documents View
34 2016 Classify or Select: Neural Architectures for Extractive Document Summarization View
35 2016 Novel Word Embedding and Translation-based Language Modeling for Extractive Speech Summarization View