Research about Machine Translation for Low-Resource Language Published in ArXiv

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Machine Translation ( MT) is the task of automatically converting one natural language to another, preserving the meaning of the input text, and producing fluent text in the output language. (Stanford NLP Group, last access June 02, 2020). I have tried to collect and curate some publications form Arxiv that related to the machine translation for low resource language, and the results were listed here. Please enjoy it!

Last updated: June 02, 2020
Source : ArXiv

No. Year Title URL
1 2020 Simulated Multiple Reference Training Improves Low-Resource Machine Translation View
2 2020 Neural Machine Translation for Low-Resourced Indian Languages View
3 2020 Enriching the Transformer with Linguistic and Semantic Factors for Low-Resource Machine Translation View
4 2020 Incorporating Bilingual Dictionaries for Low Resource Semi-Supervised Neural Machine Translation View
5 2020 Low Resource Neural Machine Translation: A Benchmark for Five African Languages View
6 2020 Evaluating Low-Resource Machine Translation between Chinese and Vietnamese with Back-Translation View
7 2019 MetaMT,a MetaLearning Method Leveraging Multiple Domain Data for Low Resource Machine Translation View
8 2019 Low-Resource Machine Translation using Interlinear Glosses View
9 2019 Auto-Sizing the Transformer Network: Improving Speed, Efficiency, and Performance for Low-Resource Machine Translation View
10 2019 Overcoming the Rare Word Problem for Low-Resource Language Pairs in Neural Machine Translation View
11 2019 Application of Low-resource Machine Translation Techniques to Russian-Tatar Language Pair View
12 2019 A Survey of Methods to Leverage Monolingual Data in Low-resource Neural Machine Translation View
13 2019 A Universal Parent Model for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation Transfer View
14 2019 Handling Syntactic Divergence in Low-resource Machine Translation View
15 2019 Language Graph Distillation for Low-Resource Machine Translation View
16 2019 Corpus Augmentation by Sentence Segmentation for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation View
17 2019 Two New Evaluation Datasets for Low-Resource Machine Translation: Nepali-English and Sinhala-English View
18 2018 Neural Machine Translation based Word Transduction Mechanisms for Low-Resource Languages View
19 2018 Bi-Directional Differentiable Input Reconstruction for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation View
20 2018 Trivial Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation View
21 2018 Meta-Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation View
22 2018 Neural Machine Translation for Low Resource Languages using Bilingual Lexicon Induced from Comparable Corpora View
23 2018 Approaching Neural Grammatical Error Correction as a Low-Resource Machine Translation Task View
24 2018 Universal Neural Machine Translation for Extremely Low Resource Languages View
25 2017 Low Resourced Machine Translation via Morpho-syntactic Modeling: The Case of Dialectal Arabic View
26 2017 Machine Translation of Low-Resource Spoken Dialects: Strategies for Normalizing Swiss German View
27 2017 Improving a Multi-Source Neural Machine Translation Model with Corpus Extension for Low-Resource Languages View
28 2017 Transfer Learning across Low-Resource, Related Languages for Neural Machine Translation View
29 2017 Data Augmentation for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation View
30 2016 Transfer Learning for Low-Resource Neural Machine Translation View